WA Born Fashion Show


Date: 21st of September
Time: 6-9 pm
Location: Fridays Studio, Thirteen Old Aberdeen Place West Perth

WA Born is our theatrical fashion show which combines fashion, dance and musical elements. The event involves 3 runways; emerging, ready to wear and established Designers. We have run this event very successfully in recent years with the support of Healthway, bringing awareness and creating a platform for discussion about some of the most pertinent issues concerning society today. WA Born has worked with several themes previously with shows in 2009 and 2011 including Social Justice, Environmental Degradation and Support for our Indigenous. This year’s theme for the show is Animal Conservation. Local personals from the Fashion industry will be present on a panel, judging several categories within the show such as makeup, hair, and costume design and award each winner with a certificate of acknowledgement.

Please purchase your tickets online, an order receipt will be sent to your email after you have purchased your tickets. Please keep the receipt and present at the door for entry.


WA Born Fashion Show #1



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