Introduction to

The Colosoul Group Inc. began in 2005 as a response to the growing need for hands on youth participation within the arts and media industry. With the difficulty of attaining the right skill development due to the lack of mentorship available, Colosoul opened its doors to youths aged between 13-25 years old. Over the years, Colosoul has helped hundreds of youths to find a pathway that best suits their individual personality through giving guidance, encouraging self-confidence and empowerment.

Colosoul enables youths to be expressive though the arts whilst mentoring them within business, marketing and leadership roles. We also pride ourselves in building our social enterprises alongside our mentorship programs and encouraging small business initiatives. These unique facets of the organisation mean Colosoul is able to support the ever growing ideas of those involved and it is exactly how Colosoul has evolved over the years.

With many success stories, the importance of the Colosoul Group Inc. is integral to hundreds of youths. As a not for profit media and arts organisation we realise the potential of those who are either graduates, non-graduates, those who come from struggling backgrounds, ethnic groups and Indigenous youths.

Our Vision

“To create a positive environment for young people from all backgrounds to be involved in, helping them to feel empowered within the media and arts industry, and offering a pathway to success through innovation, leadership and mentorship”.

  • Colosoul is about reaching out and making a positive change and contribution
  • Strategies and goals of the organisation are shaped around benefiting human and environmental well-being and profts are reinvested back into the development of our mentorship programs and the community.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Our Mission

  • To promote awareness amongst young people about mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and other relevant issues affecting the youth of today.
  • To support emerging talent through our mentorship program – L.I.C.K launches careers for local artists, journalists, musicians, photographers, film makers and fashion designers.
  • To support youths organising community–based youth events which encourage youth participation.
  • To promote and support organisations that support services to youths.
  • To lead a shift towards a more positive Australian media landscape expressing the voice of youths.
  • To provide a window of opportunity to disadvantaged youth and work towards providing a platform for youths from different ethnicities through our GAP Mentorship Program.
  • To provide a forum where young aspiring artists, creative writers, media graduates and entrepreneurs can enhance their skills, work ethic and professional development by working under the supervision of the professional staff of the Colosoul Group Inc.

The Colosoul Journey


  • Colosoul is formed
  • Community research with local media finds the need for programs
    targeting work experience for young professionals
  • Mentorship program is introduced
  • Registered as a not-for-profit organisation
  • Board is formed
  • First magazine issue is released
  • Number of volunteers increases to 40 people
  • Second and third issues released
  • Colosoul magazine website is created
  • Teensoul and Greta magazines released as online publications


  • Moved into new premises at 115 Barrack Street
  • Set up the Basement Gallery
  • Set up photography studio
  • Set up music studio
  • A mailing list of 2000 achieved through recording volunteers and business connections
  • Working on setting up the pop-up shop ‘Fox Feet’
  • Successfully set up the HR department
  • First Showcase Cocktail event – business connect


  • Moved into our new space 241 Hay street Subiaco
  • Had to implement structures and build up departments
  • Held many successful events
  • Renovated the building to house all of our young people.
  • Re- Built another recording studio
  • Started to build the Colosoul Cafe
  • Made some very strong goals for the year.
  • Introduced new marketing plans ,club 70, Business committee
  • Found a auspice
  • Worked to make running structure followed through organisation


  • Achieved registered training organisation status through ACAS
  • Launch of online Colosoul magazine ‘E-Zines’
  • Wordplay Magazine introduced online
  • Colosoul Group Website created
  • Volunteer base increases to 80
  • Introduced a team leadership structure into the organisation
  • The group produced another 4 publications with a readership
    of up to 8,000.
  • Subscription list of 500 achieved
  • Moved into new Subiaco premises
  • Colosoul Japan introduced as an online publication


  • Working towards moving into the new space in Subiaco.
  • First Charity Ball being held to raise funds and awareness about Colosoul
  • Ensuring the social enterprises are all running effectively before the move
  • Continuing running regular events throughout the year for promotion and networking for the Colosoul demographic and business network
  • Trained one assistant manager who will work closely with the CEO
  • Working on 5-year Strategic and Business Plans
  • Focusing on strategic marketing for sponsorship and sales
  • Strong focus on La Mods Modelling Agency, The Basement
    Gallery and Fox Feet pop-up shop
  • Started planning  the Colosoul Café
  • Introducing our Work For The Dole program involvement
  • Formalising our certification processes

Shared Value

Our not-for-profit organisation puts social responsibility, cultural and community development at the core of its values. Colosoul currently reaches out to seven other charities and helps many disadvantaged adults and children throughout the world through its innovative and connected platforms. We are a highly motivated youth organisation reaching out and speaking up for those who can’t themselves. These organisations are supported at our events and awareness campaigns are ongoing across all social media channels.

These organisations include:


We are an initiative of the non-for-profit youth organization, Colosoul. Colosoul helps young creative people in all areas from, design, graphic art, photography, music and so much more gain experience in the industry so that they may go on to accomplish the goals and live the dream that they’ve wanted for so many years.

We offer professional videography/photography services for businesses, and clients. Our innovative team is driven to produce content that meets the industry-standard.

Our recent work includes fashion & portrait photography, Live music photography for all genres, promotional material/adverts, event highlight reels, commercial/editorial shoots and much more!

Our main goal is to provide a positive learning environment for young people (13 – 25) to gain and develop skills in filmmaking and photography. Our vision is to offer a pathway that trains and prepares youth to be able to work in the professional media industry.

Check out our Photography Work & Videography Work here!


POP creative is our design and marketing agency which provides excellent services to support small to medium businesses. Our excellent skills in design and marketing will provide your business with outstanding branding and advertising. We want you to stand out from the crowd and be seen. Our designers and marketing team will help you take your business to the next level.

POP creative connects corporate clients with the expertise of our innovative and talented creative artists. We understand the needs of small to medium sized businesses and not for profit organisations (NFPs) to promote themselves with a powerful and professional marketing and public relations program.

Our organisation strives to support undergraduate and graduate professionals in their field of expertise. Our designers range from 17 to 28 years of age which creates a diverse range of initiatives and perspectives. Our young designers have a keen eye for creativity and are looking to build their portfolios.


The Basement Gallery is a not for profit/charity initiative created by the Colosoul Group Inc in Subiaco, Perth. Our goal is to help emerging artists in Western Australia by supplying the up and coming creatives with a great exhibition space, promotional material and a quality industry standard experience. The Basement Gallery also runs school holiday workshops for kids, gets involved in community events, rents affordable studio space, and supports new, enthusiastic mural artists.


Foxfeet Collective is a guiding, not-for profit fashion agency as a part of The Colosoul Group Inc, we focus on supporting emerging designers within the Australian fashion industry. Operating as a full house agency working in various areas, including organising and designing look books, photoshoots, editorials, runway shows and business development. The collective is made up of like minded young people who all have the same passions for fashion and want to help others step into the game doorway.

Foxfeet Collective also runs a store to provide a platform for emmgering brands to showcase there designs for affordable prices, with everything they sell returning to the designer, by supporting them to create.


La Mods Modelling Agency for guys and girls ages 16- 28, experience the opportunity to be exposed and create a career path as a professional model. La Mods offers emerging models the opportunity to put their foot through the door into the world of glamour and style. If you’re serious about modelling then La Mods is the agency for you to join providing you the techniques in catwalk, magazine shoots, presentation, presenting for TV.


Colosoul’s Social Media Team oversee’s and runs all of the pages attached to our varying teams. We brainstorm and develop original content, analyse our pages engagements and also communicate via our pages with the Perth (and wider) community. We also work with external clients who are seeking assistance regarding their businesses Social Media and Marketing sectors.with external clients who are seeking assistance regarding their businesses Social Media and Marketing sectors.

colosoul events

The Colosoul events team is responsible for all the events the Colosoul group inc hold. being a social enterprise underneath the Colosoul banner the events team is strategic in social media engagement, client communication, researching for prizes/donations and sponsorship, engaging and communicating with other team members, creating new and engaging ideas for promoting events and communicating with other departments at Colosoul and other organisations. The events department is responsible for hosting the big four events of the year: Colosoul-Con, Charity Ball, Summer Runway and WA born, as well as being responsible for hosting several quiz nights throughout the year. Each event hosted goes to supporting Colosoul who provide opportunities for young people, supporting our G.A.P mentoring program and raise funds for the multiple charities that Colosoul support.

Colosoul Cafe

The Colosoul Cafe is another social enterprize underneath the Colosoul banner, This cafe is unlike another other. The Colosoul Café will mentor youths in skills such as barista training through Grinders coffee, as they are one of the Cafés biggest sponsors; client liaison and finance management while having a strong focus on self confidence and customer service. The Colosoul Café will pave a way for young people that may otherwise not be possible. The Café creates community and positive friendships within a professional learning environment. With the decline of school attendance, with more young people becoming homeless and with the rise of depression and anxiety becoming more common, we hope this is another avenue for young people to actively participate and grow in self confidence with also learning a skill to enable them to get a job to have a successful future.