The G.A.P Program is for 13-17 year olds who don’t cope within the normal education system and are needing one-on-one mentoring. This guidance and support is designed to help them decide what they might like to do and gives them the opportunity to explore their creativity in a positive environment.

The Program is a hands-on, intensive mentoring program targeted at youths between the ages of 13 and 18 who are struggling with the normal schooling system. This may be due to their learning style, i.e. being kinaesthetic-tactile learners (those who learn through activity), rather than auditory/visual learners, or disengagement from the community.

G.A.P’s aim is to give these young people a positive, constructive and creative environment in which to find their passion and direction, re-engage with the community, and learn in a style/at a pace which they find easy to cope with.

Participants in the GAP Program have the opportunity to receive mentoring in a wide range of creative industries, including  fashion, hair & make-up styling, graphic design, photography, creative writing, retail, reception/HR, art curating, music production, film production, events management, and small-business management. Each participant is assigned a mentor, a member of the Colosoul Group team who will guide and support them in achieving their goals, and discuss with them what they are interested in and feel comfortable with and set tasks/deadlines accordingly.

Regular workshops are held, and there is also the opportunity to attain a nationally recognised diplomas through our educational provider ACAS, or a certificate of recognition. By participating in GAP, are able to build up their portfolio in creative industries which it may otherwise be difficult to gain professional experience in.


The Cafe Project

The Colosoul Group Inc.’s next goal is to open a new cafe in the heart of Subiaco. This not-for-profit cafe intends to give back to the community by opening a pathway for youths into the real word of business. This opportunity allows young people wanting to improve or develop a new skill that will give them a chance to learn and gain new experiences, as a part of the Colosoul Group Inc. vision.

The Colosoul Café will mentor youths in skills such as barista training through Grinders coffee, as they are one of the Cafés biggest sponsors; client liaison and finance management while having a strong focus on self confidence and customer service. The Colosoul Café will pave a way for young people that may otherwise not be possible. The Café creates community and positive friendships within a professional learning environment. With the decline of school attendance, with more young people becoming homeless and with the rise of depression and anxiety becoming more common, we hope this is another avenue for young people to actively participate and grow in self confidence.

This Café encourages young people to communicate through creative ideas and empowers positive self-development. It also serves ethical meat and uses sustainable products. The opening of this cafe will attract a substantial number of customers with hopes to mentor over 100 youths throughout the year from all different cultural backgrounds.

The Program Breakdown

The Café offers 3 Month internships, these 3 months are intensive learning months with the help of Grinders coffee.

  1. First Month –  Getting to know the team, the Feel of the environment, finding out what their strengths and weaknesses are and Barista training with Grinders at their HQ.
  2. Second Month- Using the skills they have learnt and applying them, making sure identified weaknesses are now becoming strengths; team building exercises, and industry standard mentor visits.
  3. Third Month- Reflecting on the internship as it comes to an end and figuring out what area of hospitality they would like to pursue. We make sure that they are fit to leave the program, or continue for another month, if they are struggling with the program.

The program is especially tailored for young people coming from a diverse range of difficult backgrounds and supporting them along a positive pathway to success.