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July 3, 2018

Doctor Who Quiz Night


Date: 26th July


Time: 6:00 – 10:00pm


Location: Badlands Bar, 1/3 Aberdeen St, Perth WA 6000


Allons-y! The Colosoul Group invites all residents of the known and unknown universe to join us for a Who-tastic Dr. Who Trivia night on July 26th. Come dressed as your favourite regeneration, wear a bowtie or Fez or your old connies or even a super classy scarf. Become the Master of all things Dr. Who. Don’t forget to … ‘Run you clever boy, and remember’ (all the Knowledge of the library). This humour-filled night will help raise much-needed funds to support the growth of The Colosoul Group Inc.


The Colosoul Group Inc is a not-for-profit arts and media organisation providing youths with hands-on experience in various creative industries, including film, photography, music, marketing, events and much more, whilst giving them guidance, encouraging self-confidence and empowering them through our unique mentorship programs.



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